GSC is FDA registered and inspected and follows all current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).
We are USDA certified by the National Organic Program (NOP) to sell, label and represent products as being
"certified organic."

Our Specialties


Our Contract Manufacturer Services Include:

  • Filling and packaging
  • Hand packaging and kit assembly
  • OTC drug manufacturing
  • Process development, scale-up and validation
  • R&D and product development
  • Room temperature and elevated temperature stability studies
  • Small to large scale batch production

GSC institutes rigorous quality control and testing procedures, including three-month stability testing. To prevent microbial contamination, we use USP-grade deionized water in all processes and conduct all micro-biological tests by approved labs. We meticulously test final products for color, odor, appearance, pH, and viscosity to meet your specifications.

Our unparalleled R&D team is devoted to creating and refining technologies, developing delivery systems and stabilizing ingredients to ensure effective results with minimal irritation and an exceptionally aesthetically-pleasing customer experience. We pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of the latest developments in beauty, skincare, natural/organic products and active cosmeceuticals.

Our Technological Expertise Includes:

  • Advanced delivery systems, including encapsulated retinol and Microsponge® technology
  • Developing non-irritating versions of active ingredients, including micronized benzoyl peroxide
  • Natural and organic-based products
  • Stabilizing unstable ingredients, including kojic acid and vitamin C
  • The latest active cosmeceutical ingredients, such as peptides, retinol, growth factors (TGF and EGF), DMAE, vitamin C, skin lightening agents, wrinkle-filling polymers and plant-based stem cells