When It Comes to Formulating and Manufacturing
the Highest Quality Chemical-Free and Organic Products,
We’re Naturals.

GSC is a USDA National Organic Program (NOP) certified organic handler
and is authorized to sell, label and represent products as being “certified organic.” And since
our inception, we have been dedicated to developing the most effective and luxurious natural
and certified organic skin care products possible.

Our Natural Products


Our Commitment to Excellence in Manufacturing Natural and Organic Personal Care Products is Based on the following Strict Code of Ethics:

We never animal test.

We will formulate without: Parabens; mineral oil; propylene glycol; animal derived raw materials; petrolatum; sulfates; fragrance; and artificial color across all product categories per your specifications.

We meet these exacting standards: USDA Certified Products and Whole Foods Premium

We will not compromise: No matter how natural or organic a preparation, we never sacrifice the integrity of our ingredients or our formulation practices.

We are purists: We use only unadulterated forms of essential oils, herbs, vitamins, sea minerals and healing agents.

We know “natural” isn’t enough: We believe natural and organic products should be every bit as efficacious and luxurious as their chemical counterparts. We are committed to creating and refining technologies and combining ingredients to develop natural and organic products with superior aesthetics and maximum effectiveness that maintain their desired shelf life.

We make the impossible possible: We are experts in sourcing innovative hard-to-find ingredients to create highly efficacious, cosmetically elegant products that will give you a proprietary point of difference. We will literally go to the ends of the earth for you.

We are committed to sustainability: We constantly strive to make simple yet impactful “green” changes to all of our processes and procedures to continually reduce our environmental footprint. We are an active member of OASIS (Organic and Sustainable Industry Standards), an organization dedicated to providing verifiable standards that support and promote organic and sustainable products.