“We pride ourselves on our strict attention to every detail
through every step of the formulation and manufacturing process.”


GSC is world-renowned for instituting rigorous quality control and testing procedures to ensure consistent standardized results, while exceeding the industry standards for product excellence and shelf life assurance. We conduct rigorous three-month stability testing with our state of the art onsite stability chambers (a requirement for OTC drug products) to ensure your product is safe and will maintain its targeted shelf life. We also can provide accelerated stability testing including in-house 5C, 25C, 40C, 50C and freeze/thaw stability chambers. We meticulously test all products for color, odor, appearance, pH, viscosity and microbial content.

Every manufacturing process is controlled through a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and we implement an advanced Materials Resource Planning (MRP) system for fast, accurate tracking of inventory, scheduling and delivery timelines.