G.S. Cosmeceutical Adopts Green Initiative

Press Release
June 19, 2008

Natural Skincare Manufacturer, G.S. Cosmeceutical, Works with Marketing Firm to Adopt Green Initiative

Livermore, Calif. – Natural skincare and anti aging contract manufacturing company GS Cosmeceutical (GSC) recently signed onto The Communication Group’s Green Prepare program, a 12-step process for helping companies become greener.

San Francisco-based digital marketing firm TCG which developed GSC’s new website, www.gscos.com, is helping GSC take their first green steps through their proprietary program. The Green Prepare Program is the brainchild of TCG’s CEO Clare Munn.

Having completed 6 of the 12 steps, GSC has signed TCG’s “Blue Step Promise” to continue to complete the rest.

GS Cosmeceutical has also recently become a supporting member of OASIS (Organic and Sustainable Industry Standards). The company’s chief operating officer, Gurkirpal Sandhu, emphasized that GSC’s recent initiatives are more than just following the latest trend. This is the “right thing” to do as well as good business.

G.S. Cosmeceutical is a privately owned, fast growing contract manufacturing and private labeling company. Headquartered in Livermore, California, it is a leader in providing R&D, manufacturing and warehousing services to individual entrepreneurs, large corporations, dermatologists and leading professionals in the spa and beauty industry. It produces an extensive range of products including anti aging, skin care, organic and natural, and paraben free cosmetic and over-the-counter (OTC) cosmeceutical products. “Cosmeceuticals” are cosmetic products that claim to have pharmaceutical type benefits.