A Less Irritating but Equally Effective Version of Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl Peroxide is considered the most effective ingredient to combat all types of acne lesions. It works in two ways: first by oxidizing or liquidating the acne “plug” to open up the pore; and second by oxidizing the surface sebum that then migrates back into the pore serving as an anti-microbial agent to blast blemish-causing bacteria. But despite its effectiveness, benzoyl peroxide can be extremely irritating if it is too concentrated in one area, causing all of the available sebum to be oxidized, which can leave residual benzoyl peroxide on the skin’s surface. The benzoyl peroxide and excess oxidized sebum can react with the healthy skin causing irritation.

Typically it’s the particle size of the benzoyl peroxide that causes this response. Benzoyl peroxide is most often available in a highly concentrated powder form that is then ground down to a smaller size. But the milling process can result in a formulation with a gritty feel. This grittiness, combined with BP’s predisposition to causing chemical irritation, can create excessive discomfort, peeling and redness.

To that end, GSC is expert at working with micronized benzoyl peroxide–infinitesimal benzoyl peroxide particles-without any grittiness. This technology opens the door to a more effective and less irritating version of this highly effective ingredient.